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With Poh Lin Lee

London, January 21st & 22nd

How can we be ready for Trauma’s insisting presence and find ways to creatively side-step in ways that are not dismissive of the effects of Trauma on people’s lives? What do narrative practices look like in brief encounters or under the conditions of
uncertainty, crisis or instability? How can we ensure collaborative practice? Is it possible for evaluation and feedback to be part of the therapeutic process? How might we include questions that invite stories from the body to thicken and more richly describe values, intentions, commitments and hopes?

This workshop will answer these and many more questions. You are sure to take away lots of practical ideas from this workshop as well as having the opportunity to try some them out in the exercises. Poh Lin Lee worked in torture and trauma counseling with asylum seekers incarcerated on Christmas Island under Australia’s detention policies; she continues to creatively co-researching alternative practices that reflect the values and commitments of people who have experiences trauma and injustice.

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