5th December 2019 – 6th December 2019 all-day

Course content


How to spot ideas about learning that could slow your progress. Getting back up to speed with stories, maps and questions. Refining skills in using narrative maps to guide your questions. Learn ways to chart therapeutic conversations that identify new areas for enquiry.

Absent but implicit

Orientate to the different ways that values get expressed in conversation. Conversational structures that support the development of these into rich accounts of preferred stories and action.


Why it happens, what it means and the most therapeutic ways to respond. Ways to support protest against injustice that empowers clients. How to recognise power practices and what to do about them.


Learn how the practice maps fit together and how to develop dexterity in questioning skills. The implications of Vygotsky’s research for clinical practice.

Power, context and discourse

How the politics of gender and power can be exposed. Expert knowledge, truth claims and how to address them. How to make visible the prescriptions and promises of discourse to enable people to expand the range of possibilities for action in their lives.

Expressions of failure

Why do people experience a sense of failure in their lives? A review of the ideas of Foucault and Deleuze. Therapeutic framework to guide responses to expressions of despair and failure.


How to give great supervision that empowers the supervisee. How burnout happens and the ways that Western culture contributes to it. How to develop an anti-burnout practice that is invigorating for you and will surprise your colleagues.

N.B. Courses will aim to respond flexibly to participants and topics covered may vary with each particular group

Entry requirements

Participants are required to have completed a Level One training course in Narrative Therapy


The cost of the course is £525 + VAT and does not include accomodation and travel arrangements

Individuals paying for themselves and unable to set the course fee against tax are elegible for a 20% discount. This should be indicated on your application form and will then be applied to your invoice


There are two course formats for Level One training: 1 teaching block of 5 days OR 1 X 3 day teaching block AND 1 x 2 day teaching block. Both formats offer the same teaching time and course content. Days commence at 0930 and finish at 1630.

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