17th June 2019 – 21st June 2019 all-day

Social context, discourse and power

This module is an exploration of broader social contexts, how these influence all of us in the way we make sense of life and how narrative therapy brings these considerations into practice. These understandings will be explored in relation to a variety of working contexts and practice issues, including eating disorders. This module will include opportunities to learn about the most recent developments in narrative practice.


Typical topics covered include:

  • The theories of Foucault and modern power
  • Different ways to bring considerations of power and discourse into conversations
  • How to make the ‘shoulds’ of life’ visible
  • How to respond when people are experiencing an overwhelming sense of personal failure as workers, parents, carers, partners etc: reviewing the Failure Conversations Map.
  • How to have respectful conversations which invite an evaluation of the norms and ‘shoulds’ of living: the Context and Discourse Map
  • Externalising practices which move beyond ‘technique’
  • How to respond to complexity and avoid positioning people into impossible ‘for’ or ‘against’ positions
  • Working with disorders of eating such as anorexia
  • How to work with ‘ambivalence’
  • Recent developments in narrative practice: the theories of Gilles Deleuze, lines of flight and practices of possibility

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