5th October 2020 – 9th October 2020 all-day

Using narrative in the process of supervision

How can we provide supervision in ways that are consistent with narrative understandings and approaches? Can we use maps of narrative practice in supervision in the same ways as in therapy?

What are the hopes of a narrative supervision? What if the supervisee wants our advice? What are the issues of power and hierarchy in the supervision context? Is ‘supervision’ a helpful term or would other words such as ‘intervision’ construct a better context? What is the difference between supervision and consultation?

Typical topics covered include:

  • Consideration of many of the questions above
  • Practices that attend to experiences of ‘burn out’
  • Ideas for constructing a narrative supervision
  • Dilemmas of a narrative supervision
  • Differences and similarities with therapy
  • Using micro-maps of narrative practice in supervision and consultation
  • Ideas for group supervision
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • More practice…

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