Working with the effects of trauma

There are many contexts within which people experience trauma. This module explores how narrative ideas and practices are used both to help people find preferred identities that have been lost through trauma, and also how a narrative ethic might lead us to respond to the contexts of trauma. Participants will be encouraged to bring issues and dilemmas from their own work experience for the group to work with. This is a highly practical module which is mindful of the many dilemmas when working in this area.

Typical topics covered include:

  • Understanding the absent but implicit and it’s use in working with the effects of trauma
  • Working with the effects of sexual abuse.
  • Considerations when working with issues related to domestic violence
  • Working with families when there has been a traumatic loss
  • Working with refugees and asylum seekers
  • Practices of accountability
  • Use of the Tree of Life
  • Developing nurturing teams
  • Taking testimonies

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